Bike Pics: August 11, 2023

To OOB an Oceanpark today – beautiful morning #62f #ibike via Instagram

Bike Pics: August 07, 2023

Got to Camp Ellis before the rain started #58f #ibike via Instagram

Jurrasic Quest with Beau and Knox

One of those good days where you get to spoil your grandkids a bit, see them in awe of something new and hear them laugh...

Bike Pics: August 04, 2023

Forgot to post this yesterday. Had a great Friday ride with my favorite guest biker @angela_milkins #webike #ibike #63f via Instagram

You gotta try it

Chicken Tikka @layalina_restaurant273. So good – highly recommend #nightout #datenight @angela_milkins via Instagram

Bike Pics: August 2, 2023

Forgot to post yesterday’s ride. Wanted to highlight some of the actual road I ride to the beautiful spot I get to see on my...

Bike Pics: August 01, 2023

Another cool start but beautiful ride today #53f #ibike via Instagram