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Stuff / January 23, 2022

A little ice hockey

I got to hang out next to the Maine Mariners bench last night during their win against the Orland Solar Bears. But a super long time since I have attended an event this size in a space this size since #covidruinedeverything. It was AWESOME! Sometimes in life you just need someone to cheer for right? […]

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Thoughts / December 31, 2021

2021 Was Stodgy 

The Great British Bake Off has now made it’s way into our home. Truthfully we watched the first two collections on Netflix during our Christmas break. Sad I know. But one vocabulary word that is used often in this show describes how I feel about 2021. Stodgy: some of the material is rather stodgy and […]

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Stuff / December 6, 2021

Back to Bloggin….

Back to Bloggin Nerdynate took a break for some time – but now I am back. I hope to get some old stuff out of archive and post here too. But looking forward to talking about nerdy stuff again. So feel free to hit me up here for blog ideas and stuff you want to […]

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