A Brief Statement

I have been trying for about 2 years now to be able to verbalize the path I have been on personally in my spiritual life and overall life. There really isn’t a need to make it public, but there was a time when I taught young people, and I feel it is the responsible thing for me to do in fairness to those I taught. But if you are not concerned with this, there is no pressure to read further. … I am going to try and keep this basic, short and to the point – without a lot of politics and religious jargon. These are my core belief that frame out the actions I take.

  1. I believe in the Bible and what it teaches about Jesus Christ.
  2. We are all sinners – no exception. As such there is no need to discriminate against any person and treat them as less then equal to ourselves.
  3. The most important message of the Bible is to love others sacrificially.

What does this mean for me right now?

  • I believe that the Church as it exists in the United States does NOT represent the Church as Jesus taught in the Bible. Instead it is internal focused and unwilling to accept all.
  • As a technologist – I believe that any system that is not working, out of date or otherwise causing issues to other systems should be at least rebooted/restarted, but in many cases disassembled and recycled so that it’s parts and pieces can be used for newer, better systems. The Church is not an exception to this principle.
  • As a result of this thought, Angela and I decided in Mid 2020 that we would no longer be a member of any church and later in 2020 decided to stop attending church.

What’s next:

  • We continue to believe in God and Jesus Christ.
  • We do not attend Church and are no longer associated with any denomination.

This is where I am at now, but may not always be. I am open to chatting about it if you would like, just message me.

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